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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you - promo time

just thank you so very much to the original and new followers.  Mynx  at Dribble is right - readers comments really are the new crack so please feed my addiction. and if you go look at Annah's website you will see this awesome button on the side titled "Adventures of a Sailor Girl". Click on it, at her sight, to see (well I'll tell you right now, it will bring you right back here but pressing buttons is always fun)!

Art by Annah of Red Means Go
who will too soon find  Famosity!
I like pervy  Dan from The Danaconda a lot too. He is the yin to my current state of asexuality yang.  Speaking of sexuality, Annah and Dan did the funniest collaboration on that very subject that you have to check out. Get ready to cry tears of laughter - He Says, She Says

As we are still on a passage I am still able to be the master (mistress?) of the remote. Tonights program is called "Big Trouble In Thailand". Really getting some good guidance under my belt for the upcoming trip. I definitely know what not to do. This show is terrifying. No wonder I don't watch t.v. It's so scary out there in the world.


Mynx said...

Thankyou for the mention lovely lady.
I wish I could claim the "crack" comment but that was said to me by the adorable Annah.
Congrats on the new followers too
Hugs xxx

Ali B said...

Thanks so much. Share the goodness I say. I'll take a hit off Annah's crack via you anytime. It's a very apt description. Thanks so much for the shout out award. Wonderful way to start the day that I am about to knock on the head with some sleep. xx