if you are my grandparents and you are reading this blog i apologize in advance for the swearing

Thursday, October 7, 2010

day five of captivity...

The head tormentor is hungry again. Have tried to sleep all day in solitary confinement. The captor and accomplices will perhaps assume I’ve gone overboard. They say things like “sick as a dog”. Yes dogs are sick but why are these units always asking for food at unheard of hours of the day? My night, their day, be sick already. Why eat in this state? Purposely overcooked the carcass tonight in hope that they would relent with the harassment. No such luck. Where are the other captives? Perhaps they have made it to their destination and have tasted that thing called freedom. They talked about that place a lot, why would they want to lick it? Am waiting for their signal to make my move. I can swim, it is only a matter of time…..

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