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Friday, October 8, 2010

question: if it's animal on different animal is it considered bestiality?

and yeah i know that's a weird question but my co-worker directed me to THIS and while everyone was laughing I was just thinking..what the fuck?!??? which lead me to the question: if it is animal on dead animal, is it necrophilia? just wondering.


Bouncin' Barb said...

I can't answer your question because I can't see well enough to type from laughing so hard. And now I know what Darwin's theory was based on. hahaha

Mynx said...

OMG very funny in a really weird way. Poor kermit

Annah said...

Seriously Ali. That's fucking digusting. LMAO!

I'm not EVEN going to click on the hyperlink because I'm sure I'll pass out. You know how stupid I am with the whole animal situation.

Sending love and kisses and all good stuff your way. Hope you're having a blast in Barcelona.

Average Girl said...

I just came across your blog... You are hilarious my friend! Such a funny blog...
Thanks for the laugh!


Ali B said...

Barb - i am traumatized

Mynx - funny ha ha or funny peculiar? I didn't even know that was possible

Annah Banana - thanks for joining my confidence crusade! click the link. you have to but be warned..

Average Girl - thanks a million for the compliment. I am so excited to see new people on here. x

Don said...

When I was just a youngster I learned how to get off with a housefly, but I never tried a frog.

Donkey Diaries said...

i agree necrophilia and bestiality. And I can't believe all those people were laughing for so long.. I was freaked out :S!!