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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

hard to say who was more embarrassed during this exchange

So on my last excursion in Barcelona my friend and I went for a stroll up Las Ramblas which is 1.2km long street bordered by the Gothic area on one side and the Raval area on the other. On the boulevard all the way along are kiosks selling whatever you can imagine, from flowers to magazines to bunnies and chicks. Tons of buskers too. I had been drinking wine on Friday night, as you do, and was in considerable pain on Saturday. As much as I love wine, and there is a whole lot of love there - I mean c'mon I live in France - it is not worth it because of the inescapable heartburn that accompanies it. Burn baby burn, sometimes I cave though and give into the consequences. Anyway, before I could tuck into my beer I had to go the pharmacy to get some heartburn stuff. The nice lady, who didn't speak a lick of English (if you can imagine i did charades to convey my message), sorted me out with some strong stuff and I took it to the counter to pay. Get to the till, and the nice lady there said to me "no can sell.". Points to my stomach and says "YOU HAVE BABY?" .
gave birth the next day to a one year old.

then there was a huge awkward silence after I said "no, i have lunch". Just enough time to break a nervous sweat and then I ran away (as you do when total strangers think you are pregnant and the last time you had sex was so long ago that any baby you could have had, would be toddler age by now)


Bouncin' Barb said...

Now that's not to say that a baby won't give you heartburn at some point...haha. That was good. Would love to have seen the charades. Obviously you did something wrong when demonstrating pain in the abdominal area...lmao.

Em said...

A customer in the restaurant told me the other day: "you're waiting on a new arrival!", I thought she was talking about the next customers who were supposed to get their table, but no... Now, that's one to make you feel good about yourself!

Mynx said...

Oh dear, how embaressing for you both. Seen a guy say that to someone once and the awkwardness was hilarious. Love my wine too but it is usually my head that hurts the morning after.
Also before i go, you have been tagged in a treasure hunt
Come to my blog for the rules

Annah said...

Oh nooooooooooo. Poor you :(

That happened to my friend and she was all "Yes yes I am pregnant and just went along with it". It was hilarious.

gillybean91 said...

laughed til I cried but gotta say I love that one year old you gave birth to!

Canadianbloggergirl said...

Been there before. I ama bigger girl, and I wore a shirt that was peasant-like-ish but with today's style of it, and someone said oh you did try for that second child!

I didn't get upset cause it was an older lady from my church....but it was another hint that I needed to lose weight.

Does it count that I have a 2 yr old? lol


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