if you are my grandparents and you are reading this blog i apologize in advance for the swearing

Sunday, October 3, 2010

11 days from now I'll be on a flight to thailand. to shovel shit. literally.

double rainbow = good omen
Bon Voyage. We dropped the lines today in Porto Montenegro and are making our way back to Barcelona, Spain around the boot of Italy. I am not a city girl but Barcelona could have me. It is fan-fucking-tastic! Unfortch I will most likely only have one day there followed by a flight back home to France. A one day turn around there and then off to Thailand for volunteer work at an ELEPHANT conservation site. that's right.!

I have had fair warnings from my caring and witty friends, in regard to my thai trip, about guys that are girls and people trying to get in your pants. All I have to say to that is  -no thank you- to chicks or dicks or chicks with dicks. The only thing entering this body  in the near or distant future is botox. And potentially a tube for colonics.  More about that later. Not sure if I can hack fasting for 7 days. Food is my life.

Going on watch in  few hours so have to catch some zzz's.

i tried to take a pic of the goodbye sign at customs
but i guess my phone decided to  focus on the reefer


Mynx said...

I am so envious at your life. Love Elephants.

Ali B said...

Don't be! I want to do your laundry. I will have a camera by the time I'm there though so plenty of pics coming.