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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Salsify! and i don't mean the vegetable

despite what it looks like
i am not balding, nor do i have a bad weave
but i am leaning towards ginge..
I knew those Salsa Slim classes would pay off eventually!

One night off in Kotor. So we had a night off. There is no way to explain this but if you work on a yacht you will understand where I am coming from. The boss and company went off for dinner. We got to go ashore. We had  three hours (and none of the following was intentional).

Basically this:

plus this: 

equalled a great night out, a whole lot of fun and getting flung around a room, salsa style, by some pretty smick bartenders. plus a big headache the next day. well worth it!

before? during? the rest are all afters...

I am using the pic above as proof, that I, for once, was not the instigator

More tom-foolery after the jump!

michelle! you started it!

keep your eyes on the prize

oh yeah m? I stole your memory card

dance squad

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