if you are my grandparents and you are reading this blog i apologize in advance for the swearing

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the best part

The best part of my job is going to the markets. I wanted to write an amazing post with loads of pictures about how vibrant colorful and exciting they are but I still don't have a camera and more importantly we have been at anchor for about a week now. FML - not fuck my life, well maybe a little, but feed me lobster, find me land, forgive my laisser faire etc.. Sure being at anchor is great for the owners but my job is to source food wherever in the world I might be. Being at anchor, in the most remote places, interferes with this part a wee bit. Plus I feel trapped. Even if you don't get off the boat when you are on the dock, it is there, and allows a mental sense of liberty. It is very hard to find anywhere to get away on a boat this size and we aren't allocated  any exterior space (i'm currently on a 38m). Ok, lost track there because what I meant to say is the markets make it worthwhile. The perfume of all the different fruits and vegetables, the old ladies with their three bunches of herbs, the piles of cheese and meat, the haggling, the noise, the various languages, grimy hands reaching out to you with slices of whatever it is they are selling that day - I eat a lot of dirt by the way. It is such a buzz, so colorful and I absolutely love it. You know most of the stuff you are buying is organic and your eggs, that are still warm, are not even a day old. This is in Europe of course. I haven't been to many markets on other continents - yet.

really scary market thing after the jump!

That is my giant hand! I have huuuuuuuge man hands .Obviously this isn't at the market but at my home in Ballycotton, Ireland after the market. I am not sure who swallowed who here. That seriously was the biggest oyster I have ever seen. And i ate it. I had to try. My two friends that were with me gagged while the whole thing went down. It was fucking horrible but it had to be done. I just noticed  all the cool stuff going on in the background of the shot.


Don said...

I LOVE oysters…..on the half-shell, stewed, fried…..you name it and I want it as long as I don’t have to shuck them.

Did you swallow it whole or did you have to chew it?

Ali B said...

Don! my hands are huge. That was more like an eel. I ADORE oysters but that put me off for awhile... until the next weeks market. Ok, I am going to take a pic of my hand next to something comparable. And of course I shuck, but that being said, my neighbour had my shucker so I used a screwdriver. It was gross , believe me.

gillybean91 said...

ah markets! and this time of year. they are wonderful. Nearby in Wolfville the market always has a group playing wonderful Saturday morning music. Our market is more urban, more business, but still, just being there puts smiles on faces. Maybe a European market tour would be a great vacation idea.