if you are my grandparents and you are reading this blog i apologize in advance for the swearing

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

funny foreign things

i used to secretly want a tape worm
worm side dishes. ordered from that section of course


gillian.wood said...

are those worms or slugs? reminds me of the Phillips' Halloween parties with all sorts of "interesting" things!

Mynx said...

I have a recipe book put together by Aboriginal students in the Northern Territory. Includes recipes for worms and other unusual things.
Not that I have ever attempted any of the recipes

Ali B said...

Minx oh my god! what is the name of it? i am metis american indian and they, they my relatives, eat a lot of moose. no worms. i would eat a worm for sure.

Gillian, those people were strictly slugs. i remember! i don't know what you adults were eating. probably mushrooms or something knowing the phillips..

A Kitchen Witch said...

Ha ha...When I visited Romania, my husband and I laughed at the pizza described with toppings such as: jammed ham, and ketchup. Sounds yummy, huh?!

If you try the cake, heed this warning. I tried Kraft carmel bits (little round carmel balls for lack of better words) and they didn't work the same. It may be a pain to unwrap carmels but, the cakewas better. The caramel bits didn't mesh with the evap. milk and it was a runny mess, good, but, still a runny mess! ; )

Ali B said...

KW i will try it when I get a chance. At anchor in the middle of nowhere and tricky to source the ingredients. Your Romanian pizza reminds me of something I had in Japan that was "Fork" on the menu. I guessed it was japanglish for pork but pretty sure it was dog. ick. Thanks for the tips! a