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Monday, November 22, 2010

a crazy love affair with crazybaby (one word)

attempt to climb over the fence. more play time on this side
I didn't mean for it to happen. I already had my favourites, the twins. but no. slowly and surely crazybaby, not so subtley charmed his way into my frozen  heart. I would walk past his house at lunch every day and with each step saying to myself "do not look, make no eye contact. show no emotion!" and then I would see it. this  small bundle of grey goodness trundling over to the fence with dust puffing up with every step. reaching out to play. SO FREAKING CUTE. yes elephant babies are cute, all of them and they have the most mischevious personalities. But this baby is crazy. It's play play play, trunk around the neck, arm in the mouth, blowing air in my face, hair pulling etc
I blow in his trunk and he blows back. ridiculously cute. 

it was a mutual love and i've heard mothers say before - the time went by so quickly, i wish that he wouldn't grow up in a way. anyway, i will try to attach a video to this later but it was nearly impossible to get one of crazybaby because he is so crazy. super frisky at all times. i love him and i miss him.

more crazybaby after the jump

Standard procedure for trying to get arm in mouth

Nini and Crazybaby

Foot vac

Apple and Crazybaby


Annah said...

Hope you enjoyed everything :) The pictures are beautiful. UBER JEALOUS.

Bouncin' Barb said...

So great you got to do this. Love the pictures. My grandmother collected elephants. No wonder why she loved them. They are beautiful.

Ali B said...

Elephants are so beautiful. I will go back. So much reading to catch up on with you two. Feels good to be back, I am shattered. goodnight bellas!

Ali B said...

can you see the video? i cant see it. just a big empty space. hmmmm...

Mynx said...

Video looks great and I am with Annah, so Jealous. Glad to have you back pretty lady. Missed you heaps

Em said...

No, I can't see the video :(

Deirdre said...

hey ali, Im going to Cambodia to work on an elephant conservation project in a few weeks and peggy reminded me that you had done this! photos are amazing so Im very excited now!

were you covered by travel insurance when you were there? if so, do you remember who? bit worried about being stepped on!