if you are my grandparents and you are reading this blog i apologize in advance for the swearing

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bragging rights revoked

Sorry about lack of posts. I was going to brag about how I only got 2 mosquito bites the whole time i hve been here but I ended up in emergency ward for 3 days having contracted  a virus from cows (fucking cows!). It infected my blood and attacked my bones and muscles.  the whole time i was in hospital a typhoon raged outside. I was oblivious to all but when I was discharged at night, in the dark, that was when I found out the place i was staying, and most everywhere, had water up to the waist. Most of the island is flooded and the devastation is unbelievable. I am trying to get off the island now but the planes and ferries are halted. I walked in the street where the water was a "good" level, shin height, and it literally tore my shoes apart and off my feet. electricity is intermittent and internet - well this is the first time in a week and i've walked miles to get to it. that's the latest. I'm not licking  my wounds, it's great to be part of such an adventure. Just want the damn cow disease (what does that mean? is it mad cow? fitting...)to go. x


Mynx said...

You poor thing. At least you are well enough to leave the hospital. Cant believe they discharged you at night in the middle of a flood. Hope you manage to find a way out ok.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Holy cow shit! This is probably a bit more of an adventure as you even thought. Wow. I hope all is ok and that you get out safely. I also hope you're feeling much better and we are so glad you popped in. I was wondering how you doing.

Em said...

Bloody hell!
Keep us posted Ali x