if you are my grandparents and you are reading this blog i apologize in advance for the swearing

Thursday, February 14, 2008

is it possible to fail high school twice?

A bit of background first: I didn't complete high school, for whatever reason ( tbqh I dont remember why). So recently I decided to complete a GED hoping it would enrich my mental state and really, get my family off my back. I haven't been in school for around 16 years so I felt it would be practical to attend prep classes. BIG MISTAKE. It makes my blood boil. I am sandwiched between a teenager who lied about his age (!?) and can't tell time. yeah. he said that he doesn't need a diploma to be the world champion cage fighter. on the other side of me is the young, very young mother of 4 with tattooed knuckles ( dying to see what it says, maybe I can sneak a pic with a cell/cam). To top it all off the course work is brutal. And by brutal I mean " I already know how to count".

I'm going to try to post with pics as often as poss since I personally can't stand bare naked blogs. This photo should be called "wolf girl"

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