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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Elmo has a dad??

I didn't know that. It's been about 30 years since I regularly watched Sesame Street but it's been  getting a lot of airtime at my sister's house in France for baby Dexter (we have to download it) but imagine our surprise to find out he has a dad.

But you know what we think????

maybe a dye job too..

It's Telly with a wig


Annah said...

I've never watched this show. But no, didn't know this either.

Mynx said...

Definitely looks related to Telly.
When my kids watched it, Elmo was only new to the show. That was 10+ years ago

Ali B said...

Annah-banana! How did you avoid Sesame Street? Srsly! and thank you so much for still being here. When are you headed this way??? Mynx, I remember when Mister Hooper was still around, I love love love your profile pic. thank you ladies, it means a lot! x

gillybean91 said...

At last you're back!